£50,000 Blenheim Bursary Scheme to Support Local Green Projects 2021

Blenheim are inviting grant applications for their 2022 bursary scheme from local projects and charities that focus their work on green and sustainable projects.

Prospective candidates will have four weeks to apply, with a final list of beneficiaries set to be announced towards the end of March.

“This year we have decided to focus the Blenheim Bursary specifically on green and sustainable projects,” said Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill.

“We’re looking forward to receiving applications from local groups and organisations that are doing something positive and practical to address the challenges of climate change,” she added.

Lady Henrietta, who has spent many years supporting and mentoring charities and local projects, will be offering guidance and advice to successful bursary applicants.

In 2021, the Blenheim Bursary focused on gifting to local projects and charities working to bring people together in the local community. A total of 20 local charities, organisations and good causes received a share of the £50,000 available.

Since its launch at the end of 2018, the Blenheim Bursary has distributed in excess of £150,000 to more than 50 different organisations across the local communities.

The scheme is part of our ongoing commitment to more than double our charitable contributions to the community within 10 years.