Blenheim's Bursary Supports Eco-friendly Village Refill

Blenheim has set up a bursary fund which is helping a local business deliver earth-friendly household cleaning and body-care products to Woodstock and the surrounding villages.

The Village Refill provides a closed loop, refill and delivery service to businesses and households, with a range of cleaning products, hand sanitisers, laundry, kitchen and bathroom products.

Operating from a refill hub in Yarnton and a collection point in Long Hanborough, the business currently delivers to Woodstock and the surrounding villages.

Thanks to a £3,000 grant from our bursary fund, founders Maya Ellis and Krystina Reynolds, have purchased an electric van, which will allow them to expand their growing business.

“We are an eco friendly focused business, sourcing local, earth friendly suppliers. Our overarching aim is to help reduce the use of single use plastics, something that has significantly spiked during the global Covid-19 pandemic,” said Maya and Krystina.

“It means so much to us to have the support and endorsement of Blenheim. Having a purposely fitted out electric van for our deliveries and doorstop refills is a game changer for us.

“Providing a carbon neutral service with zero emissions was very important to us so it was natural that we repurposed a used electric van we could charge with the solar panels on the Refill Hub roof.

“We approached Electrogenic, in Kidlington that converts classic cars using used Tesla Batteries.  They very kindly carried out the conversion at cost as they loved what we were doing.  The conversion not only gives us a better range, so that we can deliver further, but has also given the van a little more power. It now has a maximum speed of 35 mph!” they added.

In addition to part-funding the electric van, we are also working with Maya and Krystina to provide products for our property showhomes as well as supplying new home owners at our Park View and Hanborough Gate developments.

“The Village Refill’s passion for recycling, reducing waste and sustainability is very much in line with our values and aspirations so it’s great that we are able to support their growing business through the Blenheim Bursary,” said Blenheim Marketing Manager Sam Vaughan.

The £50,000 Blenheim Bursary is available to all charities and organisations based within a 20-mile radius of Blenheim.

Following consultation with the local community, and in conjunction with the launch of the Blenheim Estate Land Strategy, it was agreed grants will focus on six main areas; wellbeing and outdoor activities, education, creation of green spaces, supporting community infrastructure, communal projects and charity work utilising outdoor spaces.

The bursary scheme is part of Blenheim's ongoing commitment to more than double our charitable contributions to the community within 10 years.

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