Woodstock Car Share


Car sharing from the community, for the community

Sharing cars saves people money, makes our streets nicer, and helps mitigate climate change. The Woodstock Car Sharing Club makes it easy for our Woodstock community to share cars. We have teamed up with HiyaCar, the UK’s longest trading peer to peer car sharing platform with over 100,000 members throughout the country to make the whole process hassle free.

What is car sharing?

There are loads of different ways to share cars - all are great. You can informally share a car with a friend or family or you can rent your car out with an app like Hiyacar. Car sharing is a great way to save money, reduce the number of cars on our streets and to help combate climate change as a community. 


Save money

Owning a car is expensive! The average car costs £3407 per year and estimates suggest that the average person works an extra 2 hours each working day in order to afford their car.

Reduce emissions

Sharing a car is a great way of doing your bit to help the environment. Owning a car is the same emissions as 10 return flights to Rome per year and accounts for 8% of UK emissions.

Build community

Be part of a shared community and work together to make a positive change to our environment.

Improve local streets

Improving local streets by having fewer cars and make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. The average car is parked 97% of the time, so why not lend out yours?


Why car share?

Transport is the UK's largest source of emissions. Most of this is from privately owned cars. EVs are brilliant, but we can't just replace them 1:1. Most cars are unused 96.5% of the time (according to the RAC). So sharing them makes sense.

Many people need to own cars. Others value the convenience of accessing one when they need it but don't actually want the hassles and expense of owning one.

Our vision is of a future with fewer cars, where we have shared EVs available on our streets when we need them, and where the space outside our houses can be used for other things.

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