Festive Forest of Christmas Trees on Sale at Blenheim


Estate-grown Christmas trees will be on sale outside the Estate Office every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1st December till 17th December, 10.00 – 16.00.

A selection of Nordman Firs and Norway Spruces, all grown on our Estate and ranging in height from four feet to eight feet, will be available to buy.

The Norway Spruce is a quick-growing tree light green in colour, while the Nordman Fir is a darker green and holds its needles for longer.

Rob Burgess, who is part of the forestry team responsible for planting Christmas trees on our Estate, says it takes around six to eight years for a tree to grow tall enough to be ready for a home’s festive centrepiece.

Rob added: "Three thousand seedlings are planted in a 10-acre section of managed woodland on the estate and the young trees are monitored year-round. For many local people getting a Blenheim Estate Christmas tree is part of their festive tradition, so we understand the responsibility we have to make sure we have the perfect tree waiting for them when they need it!"

The trees are available on a first come first serve basis and no pre-booking is required, the sales hut will be accepting contactless payments only.

Tree stands are also available to purchase at the Blenheim Estate office, priced between £20 - £45.

To help people be more environmentally friendly, we are also offering people the chance to recycle their trees.

Between Saturday 6th January – Sunday 14th January 2024 a drop off point will be open at the Blenheim Estate office where the trees will be used for chipping in projects across our Estate.

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