Compare energy use – are you a big spender?


You may know how much energy your household uses each year, and at what cost. But have you any idea how that compares to other, similar homes?

Research revealed that 90% of people don't know how their energy bill compares to their neighbours, but 51% would find this information useful. 

Having these conversations can really encourage us to share cost-saving tips and be more aware of our use, especially if we know how much a neighbour in the same property and family size is spending.

Once you're armed with this information, using a free energy-saving app like Loop can keep you on track with your usage. Don't just keep up with your neighbours, beat them!

 Loop is a FREE energy-saving app that links to your smart meter, analyses your energy use and shows you easy ways to save. On average, Loop users cut their energy use by 10%!

Track your usage so you know exactly how much you're using and what it's costing you. Get access to smart insights like how much you've spent today vs this week and whether your energy use was higher or lower than usual. 

You can't control what you don't measure. Keep on top of your energy bill with Loop!

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